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a substance that retards or stops an activity

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9,45,46) In a CFS cohort with decreased C1 INH and complement C4, there was an increased frequency of autoantibodies, especially anti-thyroid microsomal and ANA; circulating immune complexes (42%); and, ".
While functional anti-FceRIa or anti-lgE can cause histamine release and risk of anaphylaxis, C1 INH deficiency or dysfunction and increased bradykinin can lead to risk of laryngeal angioedema, and things as simple as a tooth extraction can be life-threatening, as well as the endotracheal intubation meant to save a life, "Trauma, including surgically induced trauma, especially involving endotracheal intubation or manipulation, may trigger life-threatening laryngeal edema.
If female patients with CFS and MCS and HT-related autoantibodies are found to have functional anti-FceRla and low or even borderline low CI INH levels, the cumulative effect may be significant, and although female patients with hypersensitivities and ANA may have anti-FceRIa less able to induce, "pronounced histamine-releasing activity," from basophils (according to one study), there seems to be a possible link between ANA and C1 INH deficiency and/or autoantibodies.
The offspring (children) of a diseased parent with a mutation of the C1 INH gene will have a 50% chance of inheriting the HAE disorder.
If the complement testing (C4, C1 INH antigen level, and C1 INH activity) was normal in a suspected person, the diagnosis of HAE was excluded, and the results were provided to them.
Olgu 2: Yukaridaki olgunun asemptomatik aile bireyleri serumda C1 INH eksikligi acisindan tarandiginda iki yasindaki oglunda da C1 INH enzim duzeyinin dusuk oldugu saptandi C1 INH:3.
Herediter anjiyoodem C1 INH enzim duzeyede dusukluk ya da fonksiyonel bozukluk nedeniyle ortaya cikar.