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a substance that retards or stops an activity

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Olgu 2: Yukaridaki olgunun asemptomatik aile bireyleri serumda C1 INH eksikligi acisindan tarandiginda iki yasindaki oglunda da C1 INH enzim duzeyinin dusuk oldugu saptandi C1 INH:3.
Herediter anjiyoodem C1 INH enzim duzeyede dusukluk ya da fonksiyonel bozukluk nedeniyle ortaya cikar.
Plasma C1 INH functional activity was assessed by chromogenic assay and plasma C1 inhibitor antigenic concentration and C4 complement levels were assessed by ELISA.
In one patient, C1 INH antibodies were detected at baseline (pre-dose Day 1) and in all samples collected during the study while receiving doses up to 2500 units.
New uses for C1 INH - We are investigating potential new uses for our C1 esterase inhibitor product with a goal of pursuing additional indications in patient populations with other C1 INH mediated diseases.
In addition to the virologic response data we will share during our conference call today from subjects enrolled into our two maribavir studies, we also expect results from several key programs for Cinryze in the coming quarters such as subcutaneous Cinryze administration, antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) in kidney transplant, new uses for C1 INH, as well as additional progress updates with maribavir.