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a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances

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Secondly, ice core data show that temperature turning points occur long before reversals in atmospheric C02 content.
By shutting down the engine when the car comes to rest and the driver puts the gearlever into neutral and releases the clutch, it ensures that no fuel is used and no C02 is emitted while waiting in traffic.
National Express West Midlands will soon introduce 21 new hybrids to a key corridor in the Black Country, saving a further 441 tonnes of C02 every year.
Rhodia's Zeosil range of HDS products are said to reduce rolling resistance by up to 25 percent, and consequently, fuel consumption and C02 emissions by up to seven percent.
86% which equates to 139 tonnes of C02 for the first quarter, and 0.
The C02 injector-diffuser is a highly efficient non-fouling design and converts over 90% of C02 gas into carbonic acid.
Chesterfield in Derbyshire has the cars with the least C02 emissions, with 29% being below 140g of C02 per kilometre.
Therefore attempts should be made to allow her C02 to increase back to normal before weaning can proceed.
While it is seen as an easy way to put patients to sleep, gasses for anaesthesia harm the environment more than 1600 times as much as the same amount of C02, researchers at NASA and the University of Copenhagen have found.
The information is expressed as kilos of C02 per CSU (consumer sales unit), so a 200g box of chocolate chip cookies is labelled 0.
The Stericycle Carbon Footprint Estimator tool is designed to help hospitals determine the amount of plastic, cardboard and resulting C02 emissions they are able to keep out of the environment by switching from disposable sharps containers to reusable containers.
If global warming is as serious as we say it is and trees absorb C02 and give off oxygen, may I ask- why do we cut down trees in this country?
The current requirement for the installation of condensing boilers in the Republic of Ireland is already reducing C02 emissions," he said.
GLOBAL C02 emissions from fossil fuels have increased by 29% since 2000, scientists claimed yesterday.
Washington, May 16 (ANI): An Australian researcher has suggested that the porous structure of sea cucumbers could be the perfect model to create a sponge that absorbs C02 (carbon dioxide) and boosts hydrogen fuel production.