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a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances

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The CarbonCure process will offset more than 3,000 tons of C02 emissions across the Package 1 concrete schedule.
Thanks to supercritical C02 extraction, the limonene could be removed from the peel and added as a natural sweetener to juice or dairy products.
By participating in the BMBF Production Dreams collab oration, we are redoubling our efforts to develop cost-effective and climate-friendly production processes that use C02 as an element in high-performance plastics," says project managerjochen Norwig, who works in catalysis research at Covestro in Leverkusen.
Reducing these gases has an added benefit: The C02 that is in the atmosphere breaks down very slowly, so C02 reductions today won't reduce the greenhouse effect for nearly 100 years.
As part of the agreement, emissions (or offtake gas] from various HeidelbergCement factories could provide Joule with the waste C02 required to feed its advanced Helioculture platform that effectively recycles C02 back into fuel.
Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM)(LSE: TYT)(TYO: 7203), a Japan-based automaker, is planning to decrease C02 emissions from vehicle use and manufacturing by 2050.
The life jacket component includes the vest, an automatic inflator, a C02 canister and a manual override device.
Using C02 cooling produces higher quality coatings than conventional air cooled systems.
The main difference is that Cold Jet's system uses recycled C02 in the form of dry ice particles to clean and prepare surfaces.
com)-- Inkcups Now Corporation introduces the Cobalt 3000 C02 laser engraver for etching pad printing plates.
The average C02 of a dualpurpose 4x4 emits 12 per cent less than most luxury saloons and is on a par with emissions from executive and sports cars.
With the new C02 snow generator, plastic or cardboard combo bins can be simply rolled into the enclosure, filled with C02 snow, and then sent to a downstream processing area.
Eager to demonstrate reductions in carbon emissions the government and airlines emphasize the environmental benefit of substituting a portion of petroleum-based fuel with a reduced C02 emission substitute.
has launched Cultivo, a new C02 incubator designed to prevent contamination and deliver precise, stable and user-defined control over three variables critical for optimal cell growth--temperature, C02 concentration and relative humidity-all without noticeable condensation during normal operation.
They compared simulations from the recent past (1980-2005) to a future period (2075-2100) in which atmospheric C02 is approximately twice present-day levels.