Chlamydia trachomatis

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bacteria responsible for the sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia and lymphogranuloma venereum

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Of these, 69 (30.53%) were positive for Halberstaedter Prowazek inclusion bodies of C.trachomatis and 157 (69.46%) were negative for the same.
C.trachomatis was detected with various organisms i.e.
Of 50 clinical specimens, 07/50(14%) were positive for C.trachomatis antigen and 43(86%) were negative for chlamydial antigen.
Of the total 180 samples, 10 in the age group of 15-20 years 07 (70%) were positive and 03 (30%) were negative for C.trachomatis. In the age group 21-25 years 39 (62.90%) were positive of the total 62 subjects.
In 74 (46.25%) samples C.trachomatis antibody could not be detected and hence were negative by ELISA test.