clostridium perfringens

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anaerobic Gram-positive rod bacterium that produces epsilon toxin

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Carriage of the netB gene distinguishes virulent strains of C.perfringens that are capable of inducing NE in poultry from strains that do not cause this syndrome.
perfringens adherence (Wade and Keyburn, 2015); (iii) causes serum leakage into the gut which acts as a rich nutrient source for C.perfringens growth; and (iv) induces mucus production, providing another protein-rich nutrient source to support C.perfringens proliferation (Moore, 2016).
Several strategies have been used to vaccinate broilers against C.perfringens to include use of live bacteria or inactivated toxins.
We therefore attempted to standardize a multiplex PCR using a pair of C.perfringens enterotoxin primer (melting temperature, 55[degrees]C) and two pairs of C.
Total genomic DNA of C.perfringens reference strain were extracted by the boiling method (11).
The primers for the enterotoxin gene (cpe) of C.perfringens was chosen from the sequences that had been developed and validated by Fach and Popoff (10) to yield a 426 bp fragment for the cpe gene and for C.
botulinum A and B and 20 pmols of primers of C.perfringens enterotoxin (BioBasic Inc, Canada), 1.5 U of Taq polymerase (MBI, Fermentas, USA) and 1 [micro]l of DNA.
DNA extraction and purification [34]: A) Extraction of C.perfringens DNA B) Purity assessment
Incidence of C.perfringens from apparently healthy and diseased rats and rabbits and its pellets and water samples
Antibiogram studies of the prevalent isolates of C.perfringens: