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United States philosopher and logician

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--, 1998, "La abduccion como cambio epistemico: C.S. Peirce y las teorias epistemicas en inteligencia artificial", Analogia Filosofica, vol.
(1987-88): An Introduction to C.S. Peirce's Full System of Semeiotic.
Crecimiento finalidad del ser humano segun C.S. Peirce. Rialp, Madrid, 2007.
The sources upon which he draws come from a variety of authors, ranging from Aristotle to Weber by way of Luhmann, Ong, and C.S. Peirce. In a way that is not often seen in books from anglophone scholars, they come from a number of linguistic backgrounds.
In his great antifoundational, pragmatist essay "How to Make Our Ideas Clear" (1878), C.S. Peirce sought to differentiate clarity from veracity.
This heuristic will be complemented by looking into inscriptions as diagrams (sensu C.S. Peirce), signs constructed and used respecting certain rules.
Marks's "Ten Years of Dreams About Art" shifts effortlessly from her very quirky dreams (can you imagine a group of jazz musicians who are bugs?), through a look at the image-making scene in Canada in the 1990s to a considered critique of the whole viewing process using C.S. Peirce's semiotic theories.
In addition to Royce, James became the champion and financial supporter of C.S. Peirce, regarded by most philosophers as James' intellectual superior but a most difficult personality.
--, 2004b, "C.S. Peirce on Vital Matters", en Misak 2004a, pp.
Self and Creativity in the Pragmatism of C.S. Peirce: The Impact of the Present Instant on Human Conduct
This "thirdness" (to speak like founding semiotician C.S. Peirce) is the basic articulation of the signal.