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English critic and novelist

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The websites, which feature a digital collection of ebooks, are a centerpiece for the leading book publisher's global campaign, celebrating the life and works of C.
These websites, which feature a digital collection of e-books, are a centrepiece for the book publisher's global campaign, celebrating the life and works of C.
The violence in this movie will lead at least some viewers to conclude, most charitably, that C.
ONE of the world's most famous and successful authors, C.
Anyone wondering, for instance, why he would have an entry for The Prelude will find the answer only by happening upon that title in the "Reading of C.
Instead, Kass asks what lawyers call leading questions, examining some of the thorniest ethical issues in biotechnology and medicine with reference to the works of Homer, Plato, Aristotle, the Bible, Thomas Hobbes, Francis Bacon, John Locke, Renee Descartes, Friedrich Nietzsche, C.
They also decorated the church, in Church Hill, over the Easter weekend with a Narnia theme, based on the books by C.
At the same time, his stage reputation grew, and he won a Tony in 1991 for his performance as C.
In the summer of 1963, a young man from Kentucky sold his most prized possession--a used Mercedes-Benz--in order to buy a plane ticket to England so that he could meet C.
IT WAS set to become one of the most famous landmarks in Northern Ireland - a life-size bronze sculpture honouring one of this century's most celebrated writers, C.
Freeing Milton, in turn, frees his readers, once the "ordinary educated and Christian audience" (28) posited by C.
Aslan Fictional character, a wise and noble lion in Chronicles of Narnia, The series of children's fantasy books by C.
from Northfield Mount Hermon School will become the home of a new college to be established by the C.
A particularly striking essay is Stephen Logan's "The Soul of C.