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English writer of adventure novels featuring Captain Horatio Hornblower (1899-1966)

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QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 C.S. Forester; 2 The stalk which attaches a leaf to the stem; 3 Port Moresby; 4 Selsey Bill; 5 Oldham.
Remember that moment during the 1980 Democratic convention when Carter stood up, and in a phrase paying tribute to Hubert Humphrey, instead praised "Hubert Horatio Hornblower," confusing the late vice president with the character from the C.S. Forester novels?
There are also entries for writers associated with the sea such as Defoe, Melville or C.S. Forester, and statistics on merchant shipping and modern navies.
In Canada, the distrib has inked with TVOntario for a 24-hour program package, which includes "Shackleton," written and directed by Charles Sturridge and starring Kenneth Branagh, and "Horatio Hornblower," based upon the adventurous Napoleonic War sea tales by C.S. Forester.
But it was another seafaring tale, Hornblower, based on the books of C.S. Forester, which proved to be his big breakthrough.
It's safe to say you could comb every inch of C.S. Forester's Horn-blower novels backward and forward and not find an exchange to match that.
HORATIO Hornblower may be getting all the publicity with his new television series but even C.S. Forester's great hero can't hold a candle to Jack Aubrey.
There the novelist C.S. Forester encouraged him to write about his most exciting RAF adventures, which were published by the Saturday Evening Post.
Five film scripts, including adaptations of Stephen Crane's The Bride Came to Yellow Sky (1948) and C.S. Forester's The African Queen (1951), were published in the second volume of Agee on Film (1960).
What was the name of the steamboat in C.S. Forester's book and the subsequent film starring Humphrey Bogart?