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Synonyms for C.O.D.

collecting the charges upon delivery

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UPS research shows that 33 percent of C.O.D. shippers defer deposits of C.O.D.
"I feel that finally there is help for the smaller retailer who sells, but suffers from cash flow issues," says Cathy Campbell, a retailer, and a recently added customer to C.O.D. Friendly.
"In the current economy, credit cards are at maximums and credit limits have been cut back, which leaves C.O.D. as a primary shipping option for many businesses," Burk said.
"C.O.D." is high up on the priority list of college recruiters and pro scouts.
Our C.O.D. drills are packaged into three separate categories: Closed-Based, Open-Based, and Skill Pattern.
Since C.O.D. is the emphasis of the drill, it can be performed with or without a football.
The freight carrier replied that C.O.D. means "Collect on Delivery," not "Cash on Delivery." Apparently, this is one of the best kept secrets being withheld from credit managers.
Clearly, this situation is a grave warning to those of us who ship on a C.O.D. basis.
Essentially, I found that most use similar language to define C.O.D. as "Collect on Delivery," and the majority of freight carriers disclaim any liability.
Figure one shows a copy of the C.O.D. tag for UPS (as a representative example of the major freight carriers) and the underlying conditions in the UPS Service Manual.