Charles Kay Ogden

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English psychologist who collaborated with I

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The invention of C.K. Ogden, Basic English was designed to teach English as a foreign language, make technical subjects more widely accessible, and foster understanding across cultures.
Translated by C.K. Ogden. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.
Whereas Orwell had envisaged a drastic reduction in the vocabulary of political discourse, something akin to the |Basic English' of C.K. Ogden, the people subjected after 1945 to the dictatorship of the Soviet Union found themselves confronted with a whole new collection of |new-fangled expressions' such as sovetizirovat' (sovietize) and subbotnik (Saturday of voluntary work), kollektivizatsiia (collectivization) and raskulachivat' (dekulakize), detsad (a contraction of detskii sad or kindergarten) and agitprop (a contraction of the Russian words for agitation and propaganda).
[1.] C.K. Ogden, Basic English, A General Introduction with Rules and Grammar (London: Paul Treber & Co., Ltd., 1932).