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Swiss psychologist (1875-1961)

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1964) Civilization in Transition: The Collected Works of C.
Field, Form, and Fate draws on findings from the sciences and work of C.
Personajes reales como Miguel Serrano (1917), huesped y corresponsal de Hermann Hesse y C.
He developed an idiosyncratic version of psychoutopianism, a version which until recently was not even recognised as a form of utopian thought at all (Noll; Pietikainen, C.
The last two years I have used dream work in corporate management seminars,'' said Peter Mudd, a private psychotherapist and executive director of C.
The Evans-Wentz edition will always be valued for its extensive outline of the steps of the Bardo Thotrol, and perhaps even more for its commentaries by C.
Mine concern the need to make connections between music and t other arts, to show what Mozart's women and jane Austen's characters have in common, how Bachelard's ideas about reverie and space are evoked by the French composers Olivier Messiaen and Henri Dutilleux, how Wagner's "Ring" cycle reeks of C.
Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Jung Center of Houston today announced a partnership for educational initiatives in Jungian Studies that will bring the teachings of C.
com)-- The general public is invited to join the Phoenix Friends of C.
Oglesby (director of ministry emeritus, diocese of Ely) looks carefully at the process of making a critical comparison between God and evil, starting by constructing a framework, making a basis for critical comparisons, discerning God's involvement with evil, and analyzing C.
Marie-Louise Von Franz (1915-1998), an expert in the psychological interpretation of dreams, alchemical texts, and fairy tales, who worked with C.
Que todos somos hijos de Dios se convierte asi en una posibilidad de descubrir esa divinidad que llevamos dentro y que C.
With insights from evolution, the new scientific story of cosmology and from the archetypal psychology of C.
If this talk of self-knowledge sounds platitudinous, it is useful to recall a point C.