Cupressus pigmaea

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rare small cypress native to northern California

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ii) Field surveys, local people interview and/or data from technical reports were employed to verify the absence of resident groups of C. pygmaea in the selected areas.
Both C. pygmaea groups established their home ranges near their respective release sites.
The observation that both groups occupied successively different home ranges corroborates the results of previous studies and reinforces the hypothesis that C. pygmaea seems to exhibit a pattern of space use that optimizes resource exploitation (Soini, 1982).
This seems to be the first documented report of C. pygmaea complete group translocation and the first to successfully employ radio-telemetry techniques in monitoring this species, an approach that has been applied with some problems in other primate species (Muller and Schildger, 1994; Neri et al., 1997; Richard-Hansen et al., 2000).