clostridium perfringens

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anaerobic Gram-positive rod bacterium that produces epsilon toxin

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Then add a specially melted agar--a gelatin-like product used for solidifying culture media as a thickening agent--to create a thin layer between the two tubes that will grow C.
Burroguns, Welcome, Bechenham, London, England's) are used for typing of C.
Polymerase chain reaction assay was employed to detect the virulence toxin genes like alpha toxin gene (cpa), beta toxin gene (cpb), epsilon toxin gene (etx), iota toxin gene (iA), enterotoxin gene (cpe) and beta2 toxin gene (cpb2) of C.
botulinum neurotoxin -specific primers with almost equal melting temperatures (60[degrees]C) for the simultaneous detection of C.
Hydrophobic grid membrane filter-colony hybridization (HGMF-CH) (20) was used to isolate cpe+ C.
Government and industry have been looking for a way to identify more rapidly the presence of the pathogenic C.
One of these compounds, lupulone, may control levels of C.
The chicks were fed a high-protein diet containing 40% fish meal from d 8 to d 14 prior to the inoculation with C.
Because of the potential hazards in cooling cooked foods, the USDA requires that as certain meat and poultry products are cooled, the relative growth of C.
The organism was earlier isolated along with pathogens such as C.
Because of the potential hazards in cooling cooked foods, the USDA requires that, when cooling certain meat and poultry products, the relative growth of C.
This transposon is derivative of the Tn6338 that contains six genes, the largest of which, TnpX, is required for the excision of the transposon in both Escherichia coli and C.