red deer

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common deer of temperate Europe and Asia

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En el Anexo 1 se muestran los alelos encontrados, previamente, en C. elaphus y C.
Para los marcadores disenados para bovidos, encontramos que las muestras de los C. elaphus escoceses presentaron elevados niveles de variabilidad genetica.
Los cervidos neotropicales analizados presentaron una variabilidad genetica intermedia respecto a los dos extremos representados por C. elaphus y C.
1), identifiable as an adult C. elaphus, was found in a cutbank of a small tributary of Pony Creek, 11 km north-northeast of Seymour, Baylor County, Texas.
The distal end of the tibia of C. elaphus differs from that of Bison bison in the following characters: longitudinal ridges (muscular lines) found on the posterior side of B.