C. diphtheriae

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a species of bacterium that causes diphtheria

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Laboratories in South Africa were requested to include selective media for isolation of C.
During 2007-2015, local hospitals reported 14 cases of toxigenic C.
Editorial Note: Diphtheria is caused by toxigenic strains of the bacterium C.
We also sequenced and analyzed the tox genes of an additional 8 historical C.
Travelers may be at substantial risk for exposure to toxigenic strains of C.
A blood culture obtained from the patient on June 1 was sent to a regional reference laboratory, and C.
In the report by Zasada (4), all 3 recommended methods (PFGE, MLST, and ribotyping) were used to genotype 25 nontoxigenic C.
clinical laboratories lack the expertise and materials to reliably identify toxigenic C.
Epidemiologic data analysis revealed that predisposing factors of nontoxigenic C.
However, despite high vaccination coverage among infants (90%), the outbreak in this report probably resulted from the introduction of C.
Diphtheritic polyneuropathy is a toxic complication of initial infection with C.
In addition, these cases suggest the potential for importation of toxigenic strains of C.
Data on clinically confirmed cases and toxigenic isolates of C.
Following the introduction of childhood vaccination with diphtheria toxoid, circulation of toxigenic C.