Cynodon dactylon

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trailing grass native to Europe now cosmopolitan in warm regions

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decumbens, the survival in the nymphal stage did not differ significantly from that found with C.
maidis, the daily average production of nymphs was significantly lower when fed C.
The pentaploid and hexaploid accessions are considered to belong to the taxon C.
Among the six triploids, five were morphologically similar to hybrids from C.
At the western station (Oumache), that had the grasses crops and shrubs, C.
At the northern El-Outaya station, where there were grasses and trees, C.
transvaalensis has been in interspecific hybridization with tetraploid C.
Few hexaploid Cynodon plants have been reported, one being C.
Plant materials consisted of 19 bermudagrass accessions including 14 African bermudagrasses, two hexaploid (2n = 6x = 54) C.
However, the wide range in freeze tolerance among the nine C.