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small yellow-green limes of southern Florida

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Methanol extracts of C. aurantifolia Swingle fruits showed the most broad spectrum antibacterial activity compared to other solvent extracts, except for C.
C. aurantifolia Swingle fruit showed relatively high antioxidant activity (Table 3), specifically in methanol extract ([EC.sub.50,] 3.46 mg/mL).
As a result, C. aurantifolia Swingle fruits known as lime showed the most broad antibacterial spectrum with the strong antioxidant activity specially in methanol extracts.
C. aurantifolia leaf oil revealed in this study has an [IC.sub.50] value on acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase of 139 [+ or -] 35 and 42 [+ or -] 5 pig/ml, respectively.
The highest inhibitory activity against AChE was exhibited by the essential oils from C. aurantifolia (85.8 [+ or -] 3.9%), A.
The [IC.sub.50] value of C. aurantifolia oil was determined in comparison with that of galantamine, a well known anticholinesterase drug.