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the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

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But no one there to help so more C-sections, repairs and epidurals.
Doctors can't wait for 12 hours a woman to deliver, so c-sections are the easiest option.
The majority of births still happen this way, but the advent of C-sections gave doctors an alternative means of delivery where a natural birth would be unsafe.
The researchers lacked data on maternal body mass index, smoking status, and fertility treatment, as well as causes of stillbirth, maternally requested C-sections, and the gestational ages of the stillbirths and miscarriages.
Marc Leclair, chief of obstetrics at the Elliot Hospital and an OB/GYN with Bedford Commons OB/GYN, suggests the risks from c-sections can be overstated.
Don't order a C-section just because the first and longest phase of labor is prolonged.
Fewer C-sections is one element of several approaches Arkansas providers could use to reduce average cost of care per pregnancy.
According to OkumuE-, scientists do not know what causes all premature births but among the risk factors are diabetes, high blood pressure, being overweight and poor nourishment, pregnancy at very early or old age, carrying twins or more and early elective inductions and C-sections.
Dancers who have had C-sections also need to beware of signs of fatigue and paleness.
SHOCKINGLY, plans have been drawn up to cut the number of epidurals and C-sections in our maternity wards.
Our hospital is currently running a prospective study looking at reduced C-sections rates with use of the Hem-Avert device.
If you compare the rate of infant mortality before using C-sections to the results now, you would see that complications causing the baby or mother's death, rupture of the uterus, labor obstructions and other types of complications are all clearly reduced by the extensive use of C-sections.
I find it preposterous that Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews is considering defunding planned c-sections when instead she should be taking a hard look at the issue of abortion.
The painkiller contains opium used to cure severe pains including post-surgery patients, during deliveries and C-Sections and in cancer-related pains.
But health officials have worried that many C-sections are done out of convenience or unwarranted caution, and in the 1980s set a goal of keeping the national rate at 15 percent.