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a canned field ration issued by the United States Army

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I usually introduce the P-38 C-ration can opener as a novelty item, and give it to a student who answers questions correctly.
(Bonus: Which trivia originator loved cold C-ration ham and lima beans?)
Breakfast usually consists of a selection from his C-ration pack (ham and lima beans, beans with pork, hamburger patties or any one of a dozen varieties.
He remembers that one happy Chinese had just enjoyed a can of C-ration peaches, and eagerly sampled a large spoonful from another container, which turned out be a tin of heating fuel.
One contained heated C-ration cans, the other we used to make our instant coffee.
This is the identification code name for the C-Ration can opener, that little hinged metal doohickey which most of us wore beside our dogtags.
The overall supply problem for the Division was complicated by the fact that generally the British, Australian and New Zealand troops lived on US "C-Rations" in the line and a combination of Australian and locally purchased fresh rations and British "compo" rations in reserve.
While C-Rations undoubtedly had a high calorific value (the author gained almost 80 pounds during the eighteen months that they constituted most of his diet), they tended towards monotony.
C-rations were canned, precooked rations for one man for one day; K-rations were boxed temporary rations for one man, with an incomplete nutritional spectrum that made them unsuitable for long-term use.