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a clamp in the shape of the letter C

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Be absolutely sure that the parts are tightly clamped together with the C-clamp when setting these rivets.
Although exact times were not reported, they stated patients who required pelvic C-clamps were taken to the operating room within 2 hours of arrival to the hospital, and a C-clamp was placed within 20 minutes; thus, extrapolating these results to practice requires an efficient triage set-up and readily available orthopaedic and support staff.
To securely attach a dollhouse to a table, use a C-clamp for stability.
A V-block is attached to the table with a C-clamp to facilitate the sawing.
Rather than being threaded in conventional manner, the barrel shank on the 970 is smooth and simply slip-fits into a receiver ring that's split at the bottom like a C-clamp.
As Mel Bochner pointed out to me, their mode of making (and, I would add, their fluid approach to metaphor) owes a good deal to some of the igloos of Mario Merz, who has also used the C-clamp to great sculptural effect.
A series of carbon fiber mounting systems, which range from a new C-Clamp to specialty Tripod-Compatible Mount, and iPad 2-Compatible Valet and Tournez line, allow users to stay active and engaged with their smart tablets in their daily lives.
Tenders are invited for C-Clamp For Gear Case Ci/En/120
The Solo Spot is available in mobile, c-clamp and wall models.
The PanaVise comes with a C-clamp arrangement for mounting on any suitable countertop and takes seconds to set up.
To build one, you'll need a hammer, saw, drill, wood rasp, snips or shears to cut the mesh, and a 4-inch C-clamp.
The TwinWheel FF is a dual platform (PS2 and PC) racing wheel that features 12 programmable buttons for total gaming flexibility and four suction cups and a C-clamp for perfect control and stability during any race - even in those hairpin turns.
I borrowed Steve's cordless, electric screwdriver to secure the bases to a length of two by four, which I can C-clamp to a bench.
You'll need a table saw, saber saw, hammer, level, and 4-inch C-clamp.