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a clamp in the shape of the letter C

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One by one, a hopeful would step forward, kneel, grasp the hilt of the sword, and with a required straightened arm (lest some strong camper overpower the C-clamp) try to lift the sword.
Therefore, the decision was made to provide more rigid provisional skeletal stabilization using the pelvic C-clamp to, theoretically, reduce the fat embolic load to the lungs.
Several mutational analysis revealed that the C-clamp DNA binding domains of ZNF395 and its closely related factor SLC2A4RG/GLUT4EF are sufficient for binding to helper site like sequences which have been mapped to Cc/gGCc/g [10, 11, 14, 16].
At the bottom of the receiver ring is a massive steel block that's part of the C-clamp arrangement that doubles as a recoil lug.
Be absolutely sure that the parts are tightly clamped together with the C-clamp when setting these rivets.
He said they placed a fish plate and C-clamp on the affected portion as part of emergency repairs.
A 'cleft' in the AMPA protein that looks and acts like a C-clamp and that binds the neurotransmitter glutamate may, in reality, serve functions at positions between fully open (off) and fully closed (on).
In the emergent setting, the orthopedic surgeon has a number of options for provisional pelvic stabilization to help tamponade bleeding in patients with pelvic fractures who are hemodynamically unstable, including using a pneumatic anti-shock garment (PASG), wrapping a sheet around the pelvis, or placing a pelvic binder on arrival, as well as more definitive fixation with an anti-shock pelvic clamp (C-clamp) or traditional anterior external fixation.
What is unusual is you don't have to almost use a crowbar to release it, a C-clamp to re-close it, and after about 40 repetitions of this process, the back plate wasn't permanently skewed and loose.
The secondary support is made from a shelf bracket attached to the focuser board, which is held in position with a C-clamp. Simple, but effective.
Each FOD sensor was installed on the pipe via a U-shape bolt, while directly attached on welded flange with a C-clamp, as shown in Fig.
The pieces draw on the minimalism that marks Calvin Klein apparel A sleigh bed, its walnut wood bent into a "C-clamp" shape, looks Like it could slide over the snow with no problem.
At the top, directly over the blade's center, he attaches a small C-clamp with the hoist cable going through it.
Looking like a glorified C-clamp, it will measure an object within its range accurate to within 1/10,000".