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The most potent fractions in C indicum were E10, E20 and E100.
The intracellular fluorescence intensity in MCF-7/ADR cells treated with doxorubicin and modulators (verapamil, C wenyujin CIO, C wenyujin E10, C indicum E10), was significantly higher than that in cells treated with doxorubicin alone (Dox group).
Incubation with C indicum E10 only raised 9.7% Rhl23 accumulation compared with Dox group (100%).
3C after 24h incubation with 10[micro]g/ml C wenyujin CIO, the expression level of P-gp (fluorescence intensity, 7926) was decreased by 21 A% in comparison with untreated MCF-7/ADR cells (fluorescence intensity, 10083), while treatments with C wenyujin E10 and C indicum E10 had only slight impact on P-gp expression.
Reversal effects of C wenyujin C10 and E10, and C indicum E10 were first assayed by MTT method in A549/Taxol cells.