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Synonyms for C

a degree on the centigrade scale of temperature

the speed at which light travels in a vacuum

a vitamin found in fresh fruits (especially citrus fruits) and vegetables

one of the four nucleotides used in building DNA

a base found in DNA and RNA and derived from pyrimidine

ten 10s

a unit of electrical charge equal to the amount of charge transferred by a current of 1 ampere in 1 second

a general-purpose programing language closely associated with the UNIX operating system

(music) the keynote of the scale of C major

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street names for cocaine

being ten more than ninety

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Many of the research-based modifications for parallelizing Fortran and C++ have very promising ideas, yet the proposed techniques may not receive overwhelming support unless clear, empirical, and measurable evidence establishes their benefits.
Personally, I didn't face any technical problems supporting this new target as my engine is using standard C++. In fact, I've recompile and updated all my games the same day.
C# combines the high level of flexibility enjoyed by programming in C and C++, with the power and productivity of languages such as Visual Basic.
"MISRA C:2012 3rd Edition, 1st Revision, collates three current documents into a single reference, and the integrated MISRA/AUTOSAR C++ rule set will bring together the best ideas from two learned bodies, presenting in the familiar MISRA style.
Over the last several years, Embarcadero has increased its focus on its C++ tooling and community, while experiencing positive momentum with RAD Studio based on the growing energy and adoption of Delphi.
C++ is the only widely used language in the industry which supports the feature of RAII.
OpenCL 2.1 has responded to developer demand with a C++ based kernel language which delivers the next level of programmer productivity in parallel programming, while still preserving backwards compatibility for existing OpenCL C kernels, said Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group and chair of the OpenCL working group and vice president at NVIDIA.
Bjarne Stroustrup, at Bell Labs designed C++ in the early 80s, as an object oriented language based on the C language, which powered pretty much all systems software since its creation in 1972.
StarForce C++ Obfuscator is recommended for the cases when software protection against hacking is crucial.
He covers a brief review of the C++ programming language, basic building blocks, lattice models for option pricing, the Black/Scholes world, finite difference methods, implied volatility and volatility smiles, Monte Carlo simulation, and the Heath/Jarrow/Morton model.
Key words: bounds checking; buffer overflow; C; C++; performance; security.
The newest version of the Oracle NetBeans IDE (integrated developer environment) will come with support for the latest versions of PHP and C++.
while there is no easy explanation why OO C was used instead of C++ for the Duqu
Version 3.0 is a substantial new release of this leading static analysis tool for C++ environments that incorporates a sophisticated deep-flow dataflow analysis technology along with support for the major features in ISO C++ 2011.
Life/Health + Atlanta Life Insurance Company 06130 B- C+ Georgia - Golden State Mutual Life 06466 F E Insurance Co California + Hartford International Life 09117 A A Reassr Corp Connecticut + Horace Mann Life Insurance 06535 A A Company Illinois - National Life Insurance Company 07447 B- u B+ Puerto Rico + North American Insurance 60015 B++ B+ Company Wisconsin Polish Roman Catholic Union of 06940 NR C++ America Illinois Professional Life & Casualty 06952 NR C+ Company Illinois Southeast Family Life Insurance 09520 NR B++ Company Arizona + Southwest Life and Health 06719 B B Insurance Co Texas + Texas Life Insurance Company 07118 A A Texas + Wilton Reassurance Company 60560 A A Minnesota + Wilton Reassurance Life Company 06084 A A of NY New York U.S.