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Synonyms for Byzantium

an ancient city on the Bosporus founded by the Greeks

a continuation of the Roman Empire in the Middle East after its division in 395

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Nor are students ever taught that Byzantium was never Greek and that almost none of its emperors was Greek.
Critique: An extraordinary and comprehensive work of truly impressive historical scholarship, "Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood: The Rise and Fall of Byzantium, 955 A.
Elena Boeck explores the Byzantium embraced by popular culture, specifically the setting for such spectacular theatrical productions as Sardou's play Theodora (1884), based loosely on the life of the Empress.
Orthodoxy in Byzantium, we are told, was no monolith, but a negotiation with arguments forcefully advanced and proof-texts drawn from the fathers employed as weapons through the later centuries.
They allow us to see the role played by Byzantium in the creation of the Russian state.
Byzantium is an intelligent and moody thriller adapted by Moira Buffini from her own stage play, which largely avoids the campy conventions we have come to expect from the creatures of the night.
They hit the jackpot when they encounter a lonely misfit (Daniel Mays), who lives in the decrepit Byzantium guesthouse, which would make a perfect base of operations for Clara's prostitution business.
These stories span time and space, in settings as diverse as ancient Byzantium, Havana in the era of slave labor, and contemporary East Texas.
Selcuk Altun's sixth novel, The Sultan of Byzantium, positions itself as a skillfully constructed tribute to Byzantium, attracting attention with its "provocative title.
1-8) defines her edition of A Companion to Byzantium as a 'pro-Byzantium' work, thereby strongly criticising and rejecting the Western European viewpoint that 'the classics and the Renaissance are the two high points of civilization' and that 'Byzantium is neither'.
Byzantium Endures: The First Volume of the Colonel Pyat Quartet provides a lively novel centered around Tsarist rebel Maxim Arturovitch Pyatnitski, known as Pyat.
The Byzantine era began with the transfer of the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to the site of ancient Byzantium on the Bosphorus in the year A.
NEPTUNE Investment Management Novices' Hurdle entrant Nagpur is one of only two foals registered from the 2006 crop of Listed winner Byzantium.
Eaton Gallery of Rome, the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of Rome and the Near East, Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of Byzantium, Centre Block, Level 3
According the Protection of Underwater Cultural Department of Istanbul University and Istanbul archeological Museum scientists, they reached 36 sunken ship wreckages during the excavation in the Theodosius Harbor which had been built in Byzantium Era in the 4.