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Synonyms for Byzantium

an ancient city on the Bosporus founded by the Greeks

a continuation of the Roman Empire in the Middle East after its division in 395

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Wolf, however, by using a variant of Byzantion, the name of the Greek city subsumed by Constantinople, acknowledged and paid tribute to the Greek heritage of the empire.
Markou Renieri Istorikai Meletai, 0 Hellen Papas Alexandros o 50s, to Byzantion kai he en Basileia Synodos.
Diet: a comparison of food consumption between some eastern and western monasteries in the 4th-12th centuries, Byzantion 35: 431-62.
This volume of Byzantion is dated 1944-1945, but is really 1946; see the copyright on p.
under the name of Byzantion, Istanbul was annexed to the Ottoman Empire in 1453.
Kubiak, "The Byzantine Attack on Damietta in 853 and the Egyptian Navy in the 9th Century," Byzantion 40 (1970): 45-66; and Adel Allouche, "Umayyad Fleet.
The Sakura Princess, the Aegeas and the Byzantion all entered long term time charters with profit sharing arrangements while the Antarctic was strategically placed to operate in the spot market.
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