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Synonyms for Byzantium

an ancient city on the Bosporus founded by the Greeks

a continuation of the Roman Empire in the Middle East after its division in 395

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How little, ancient Byzantion became Constantine's capital, how next that capital engendered the great Byzantine Christian culture up to the conquest of Mehmed II, who then turned it into a cosmopolitan centre where Orthodox Greeks of Phanarion coexisted alongside their new Ottoman rulers and the Armenians--all of this is the subject of an exhibition that is first and foremost a narrative of complex and entrenched history.
We hear little or nothing of Byzantion. The Gospel shows Jesus in village contexts until he goes to Jerusalem, which is the place of Jesus' resurrection appearances in the Gospel and the beginning of the Christian mission in Acts.
Constantinople had been founded by the Roman emperor Constantine (r.306-37) on the site of an older city called Byzantion to provide a seat of government for the eastern half of his empire.
O documento anonimo, que possui datacao controversa, menciona uma serie de portos na regiao do Konkan, costa oeste da India: Barygaza, Souppara, Kalliena, Simylla, Mandagora, Palaepatmai, Meliziegara e Byzantion; nele estao descritas as rotas, periodos favoraveis para viagens, os bens comercializados nos portos e os monopolios dos governos locais.
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