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Synonyms for Byzantinism

the doctrine that the state is supreme over the church in ecclesiastical matters

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To me, the reply seems quite obvious: holy Tradition is not equivalent with Byzantinism since, besides the Byzantine tradition, it includes Latin, Russian and many other traditions as well.
One of the targets of the Marxist sociology of religion was precisely the mystical and liturgical isolationism, especially the obsolete byzantinism of Orthodoxy in Russia and Romania.
We have here, says La Civilta Cattolica, "a psycho-sociological attitude, not always free of servility, typical of the court mentality that arises -- outside the pure doctrine of personal papal infallibility -- as an abnormal growth on that doctrine, [producing] a proliferation of papolatry and courtly Byzantinism.
Moreover, given that Byzantinism was very much linked with Christianity, Otho had to support the Byzantine regime if he wanted to legitimize his kingship among the ordinary Greek Christians.
A parody of the byzantinism of a certain type of literary hermeneutics a la mode is also evident in the pursuit of the onomastic clues of characters in Julia Marquezim Enone's novel, a pursuit that ends up by leading the essayist/speaker to remote bibliographic sources like Eudoxus of Alexandria or Giambattista della Porta.