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the Greek language from about 600 to 1200 AD

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In keeping with medieval Byzantine Greek ceramics, I decorated each pair with known Byzantine folk designs.
Like others before him, Krans thinks that Erasmus failed to observe the fundamental divergence between the Byzantine Greek and Vulgate texts.
How did a Byzantine Greek called Nikolaos, who died on December 6 in the year 352 AD, end up sitting in a papier-mache grotto in every large department store in the land?
Trapp, Vienna 1994-; though, perhaps, not so useful for Anglo-American students, it is the only dictionary of Byzantine Greek which includes a number of the neologisms and compounds used exclusively by the Komnenian authors.
Among the rousing adventures of this poet-warrior was the rescue of an emperor of Rome itself (he's called King ibn Marqus) at the head of a Byzantine Greek force, even though the Byzantines were enemies of the Arabs.
The "Index Verborum" is particularly important because it contains words not found in the major classical and Byzantine Greek lexicons and dictionaries.
The investigation required not only the skills of a Semiticist, but also familiarity with Byzantine Greek sources and that growing body of scholarship by modern Byzantinists and specialists on other aspects of Late Antiquity.