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the Catholic Church as it existed in the Byzantine Empire

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Summary: Parts of a Byzantine church at the top of Jabal al-Kenaiseh were destroyed by treasure hunters, according to anthropologist Chamoun Mouannes.
Sergius was found in the Greater Byzantine Church in Sweida, while the eighth mosaic depicts seven people in various poses eating and drinking at a table.
A church is being built on the grounds of Skopje's fortress Kale where the old byzantine church used to be located.
Sophia; the Greek trading colony of Batumi; the 8th Century Byzantine church of St.
DEMRE, Jul 14, 2010 (TUR) -- A 900-year-old Byzantine church has been unearthed at the Myra ancient city located in Demre town of the Mediterranean province of Antalya.
Spend Next to the Old Byzantine Church in Edirnekapi district, the Asitane Restaurant is the place to try traditional Ottoman cuisine.
It has been widely reported in the European travelogues that one of the first acts of Ottomans after conquering Constantinople in 1453 was the insertion of a minaret at one of the corners of the Byzantine church of Haghia Sophia.
The Latin episcopal organization still had a long way to go, due to competition from the better established Byzantine Church.
The author shows that the connections between early Byzantine church music and the music of the Western church are much closer than one had assumed.
The thousand-year-old ceramic lav was found in the ruins of a sixth-century Byzantine church by German archaeologist Daniela Billig.
As in Harlin's version, the attraction is a buried, Byzantine church that shouldn't logically be anywhere near the Kenyan badlands.
WOMEN CONTINUED TO PLAY active and ecclesiastically recognized liturgical roles in the processions, vigils, and services of the Byzantine Church even during and after the decline of the ordained female diaconate by the late twelfth century.
Generally I find those who come to the Byzantine Church from the West are truly desiring to grow in church life through Byzantine spirituality, and that's a very good thing," says Pipta.
Clendenin provides much useful information on the history of the early and Byzantine church, and he helps readers understand the alienation between the Eastern Orthodox and the Latin church.
A visual expose of this autobiography was screened on May 23 at Darat Al Funun's southern garden, amidst the ruins of its ancient Byzantine church, where an audience of Jordanians touched upon the historical and human importance of this book.