Byzantine architecture

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the style of architecture developed in the Byzantine Empire developed after the 5th century

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Apart from these excavation reports two papers were noteworthy as their titles suggest as examinations of Byzantine art and architecture in relation to Turkish/ Islamic art and architecture.
During this period, Semavi Eyice was the leading scholar in Byzantine art and architecture (12).
ihsan Tunay, Zeynep Mercangoz were other scholars beginning the study of Byzantine art and architecture at the departments of art history in Hacettepe Universty, Anadolu University, and Ege University.
The establishment of a certificate program in Byzantine art history within the department of Art History at Istanbul University paved the way for more systematic researches on Byzantine art and architecture and led to the increase in publications in this field.
For recent developments and the current situation of the field as well as for the name of scholars studying in Byzantine art and architecture in Turkish Universities, Akyurek (2010).