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Thermichthys (Bythitidae), replacement name for preoccupied Gerhardia Nielsen & Cohen, 2002 and a second specimen of Thermichthys hollisi from the Southeast Pacific.
Hanke and Roias (2012), Hanke and others (2014, 2015) and Weil and others (2015) updated British Columbia range records for spiny eels (Notacanthidae), eels (Nemichthyidae, Synaphobranchiidae, Nettastomatidae, Serrivomeridae, Colocongridae), saccopharyngoid eels (Cyematidae), cusk-eels and brotulas (Ophidiidae, Bythitidae) and deep-sea anglerfishes (Oneirodidae, Melanocetidae, Ceratiidae).
Family Ophidiidae Brotula clarkae Hubbs, 1944 Pacific Bearded Brotula Chilara taylori (Girard, 1858) Spotted Cusk-eel Dicrolene filamentosa Garman, 1899 Threadfin Cusk-eel Lamprogrammus niger Alcock, 1891 Paperbone Cusk-eel Ophidion scrippsae (Hubbs, 1916) Basketweave Cusk-eel Spectrunculus grandis (Gunther, 1877) Giant Cusk-eel Family Bythitidae Brosphycis marginata (Ayres, 1854) Red Brotula Cataetyx rubrirostris Gilbert, 1890 Rubynose Brotula Grammonus diagrammus (Heller & Snodgrass, 1903) Purple Brotula
New records of 7 cusk-eels (Ophidiidae) and brotulas (Bythitidae) in coastal waters of British Columbia, Canada.
Key words: Acanthonus, Bassozetus, British Columbia, Bythitidae, Cataetyx, Cherublemma, Chilara, Ophidiidae, Porogadus, Spectrunculus