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a sequence of 8 bits (enough to represent one character of alphanumeric data) processed as a single unit of information

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Schaumburg Library received $23,458 of these funds to support the new Tech Bytes program.
The byte is a unit of digital information (a number) that is represented by eight bits as described above.
The Bug Bytes bus will visit various Raffles nurseries and schools across Dubai and will provide focused and high-quality preschool learning experiences.
8 August 2018 - US-based Internet services provider Bertram Communications LLC has completed the acquisition of Wisconsin, US-based broadband company Fast Bytes Wireless Inc., the firm said.
Tim Wright, Vice President of Operations stated, "This acquisition will allow existing Fast Bytes customers access to Bertram's vast network resulting in increased performance and reliability across the board.
Based on the secret key, the next stage is Pseudo Random Generator Algorithm (PRGA) that generates key stream bytes which XORed with the original bytes of plaintext to produce the cipher text [8].
The secret message is divided into packets of the same length, reordered the packet bytes and then encrypted the bytes before hiding them at the end of a random selected video tags.
This telegram frame encompasses the actual contents of the Data (min 7, max 262 bytes).
It can be seen from Tables 2 and 3 that the two neural networks have little difference in the plaintext restoration results of the four algorithms, and the full pair of bytes can be more than 100, accounting for more than 40% of all bytes.
South African listed Allied Electronics Corporation Limited (Altron), through its principal subsidiaries, Allied Technologies Limited (Altech) and Bytes Technology Group (Pty) Ltd (Bytes), is invested in telecommunications and information technology.
"Shark Bytes: Tales of Diving with the Bizarre and the Beautiful" by John Bantin (an experienced scuba diver and the former Technical Editor of the long-established Diver magazine) is an impressively beautiful book in which as a diving veteran he recounts many tales of his diving with several species of sharks and other marine animals over the last 4 decades.
It is best described as bit shaving because it sets at least a single bit from the carrier data bytes to a zero value.
NCR shares the honor with Nedbank (JSE: NBKP), one of the largest banks in South Africa, and Bytes Managed Solutions, a leading technology company in Africa and an NCR partner.
A play on the popular kale chip, Brussel Bytes by Wonderfully Raw take superfood snacking to the next level.