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a green mineral of the amphibole group

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This consisted of one lot of dark greenish brown epidote crystals on a very fragile matrix of string-like crystals of calcite (or perhaps some other carbonate) that appeared to have formed after or around byssolite needles, resembling a mound of thin spaghetti.
F-142 is labeled "Foxite" and appears to be a silky mat of iron-stained "byssolite" on matrix.
The fibrous "byssolite" variety of this amphibole referred to by Leavens and Thomssen (1977) occurs rarely and sporadically, mostly as crushed tufts in small, isolated pockets farthest removed from surface weathering.
As a mineral of Alpine-type clefts, milarite occurs chiefly in intrusive bodies of syenite or in miarolitic cavities in aplite veins, commonly associated with translucent or transparent orthoclase crystals, finely fibrous gray-green actinolite (commonly called "byssolite" in the United States), titanite, calcite, apatite, zeolites and, in some cases, quartz.
When freshly collected the prehnite crystals are usually embedded in "byssolite" which must be brushed away.