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tuft of strong filaments by which e


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Qin and Buehler think the principle of the byssal thread could be used to make surgical sutures that can withstand pulses and irregular liquid flows.
Instead, the mussel anchors itself to a firm surface with a group of filaments called byssal threads or byssus, also known as the "beard" that has to be yanked off the shell before you start cooking.
We predicted that growth rates of individual mussels will be negatively impacted by recurring stress, and that there are probably trade-offs in body mass and byssal thread production.
Effects of temperature on byssal thread production by the freshwater mussel, Dreissena polymorpha.
For the adhesive to work as imagined, it would have to mimic the properties of the byssal threads.
Mussels, before they end up on a seafood lover's plate, use fibers known as byssal threads to tether themselves (SN: 1/5/91, p.
Truncilla macrodon was located by observing tracks in the substrate, such that one individual, for example, was attached to a conglomeration of sand by byssal threads.