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tuft of strong filaments by which e


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trossulus byssal thread attachment remains unqualified, along with other factors that inherently differ between laboratory and field conditions (e.
Instead, the mussel anchors itself to a firm surface with a group of filaments called byssal threads or byssus, also known as the "beard" that has to be yanked off the shell before you start cooking.
To determine whether attachment strength and byssal thread production were inducible responses, we outplanted juvenile mussels (length = 20-30 mm) collected from a low predation site to all sites (n = 50 mussels/site).
Larger mussels produce more byssal threads, each with a larger diameter (Bell and Gosline, 1997).
6 showed no significant difference in the number of byssal threads produced or total distance traveled.
Recent evidence has shown that changes in water chemistry result in variation of the molecular interactions in a byssal thread, which leads to changes in its mechanical behavior (Sun et al.
The range of byssal thread production by individuals during the 12-h reattachment period was 4 to 26 threads/mussel.
They accomplish this with small adhesive byssal threads that contain DOPA--a modified amino acid that includes an organic compound that preferentially bonds with metal atoms present on the surface of most rocks.
The byssal threads they use to affix to surfaces allow them to resist the forces that would tear them from their moorings.
Recently a team of researchers from RIKEN found the inspiration they needed to improve titanium surfaces by studying mussels, who are able to attach themselves to smooth metallic surfaces thanks to special proteins found in their byssal threads.
Clams and cockles bury themselves in the sand, oysters cement themselves to a rock or reef, and mussels use their "beards" of strong byssal threads to anchor themselves on rocks or pilings.
Truncilla macrodon was located by observing tracks in the substrate, such that one individual, for example, was attached to a conglomeration of sand by byssal threads.
Five years later, and having figured out that mussels get their super grip by secreting proteins known as byssal threads, Li and his colleagues are on the forefront of the woodworking industry's latest adhesive alternative, which Li says would work especially well in plywood manufacturing.