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Synonyms for nance

offensive term for an openly homosexual man

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N 1/2 6 2.14 62 MALPIGHIACEAE Byrsonima crassifolia N 1/5 552 0.84 1 (L.) Kunth Malpighia emarginata I 6/12 969 4.13 185 [Moc.
Fabaceae Schizolobium parahyba (Vell.) Blake Fabaceae Byrsonima crassifolia (L.) Kunth Malpighiaceae Guazuma ulmifolia Lam.
First report of Lonchaeidae (Diptera) infesting fruits of Byrsonima crassifolia in Brazil.
Seed viability and vigour of two nanche species (Malpighia mexicana and Byrsonima crassifolia).
The ascorbic acid content of fresh unripe and ripe canjiqueira pulps did not differ (P>0.05) and was substantially higher than that observed in murici (Byrsonima crassifolia) fresh fruits, 0.3mg 100 [g.sup.-1] (canuto et al., 2010).