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English romantic poet notorious for his rebellious and unconventional lifestyle (1788-1824)

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What emerges is a picture of Warne as a sort of Byronic anti- hero; the flawed genius who somehow managed to leave all his cares and concerns outside the The latest biography of Shane Warne delves deep into his on- field achievements and off- field controversies By Gideon Haigh; Penguin India, ` 499 ON WARNE By Shreyas Sharma practise his art on fields across the world.
77), but also a passage from the description of Lord Howe's party, featuring EBB's Byronic satire of socialist reformers "such as Robert Owen and Charles Fourier" (p.
Gomes, in particular, struck me as the finest Onegin of my experience -- his looks and stance carrying all the Byronic suggestions that are right for the part -- and the musicality and rich tone of his dancing made every choreographic point register potently.
Blinkerswork forBy ronic Blinkers worked a treat for Byronic Hero, who took the 6f handicap for three-yearolds in fine style under Tony Hamilton, despiteatardystart .
Byronic Hero (10-1) led his rivals a merry dance in the closing Bet totepool On All Irish Racing Handicap.
A Byronic mask thus shows up in many Layton poems, and it seems to conjoin the militancy of the "Hebraic" Poet-Prophet persona with the "Hellenism" of his preferred Romantic trio.
Hallab traces this effect in the Byronic vampires of Polidori and others, as well as in the decidedly non-Byronic figure of Varney the Vampire, and even into the "scientific" work of Montague Summers.
Sydney, August 30 (ANI): People who are widely admired for their Byronic looks are actually "self-regarding posers", an expert says.
Instead of illustrating these Byronic shock tactics with an example from Don Juan itself, however, let me use one from a later practitioner of the ottava rima in Lord Byron's mode: Kenneth Koch in The duplications (1977), the second installment of a long narrative poem eventually published under the title, Seasons on earth (Koch, 1987; the first installment in 1960 was Ko, or A season on earth).
There are obvious postcolonial theoretical structures within which we could read Best's Byronic enthusiasm.
This sense is one Favret identifies as the Romantic "sublime," which was always evoked most strongly when tumult was overlaid with apparent peace--as, for example, the Byronic perception of the deceptively calm sea or of the silent but majestic Alps.
Jesse Mitchell's lengthy study of Turin Turambar uses two frameworks to examine his character and story: that of the Byronic Hero (with a side glance at the Gothic Villain in order to differentiate the two), and that of the Absurd Hero, exemplified by Camus's Sisyphus.
One of the biggest eyecatchers of the summer when second to Byronic by the banks of the Thames on his debut, Peter Makin's (right) colt scored in style at Salisbury last Friday and is a long way from reaching the bottom of the barrel.
For this is a Romance: Sylvia, once Daniel accepts her presence, is attracted to this Byronic hero, but she is also very friendly with another young man, Nick, and accepts his help.