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English romantic poet notorious for his rebellious and unconventional lifestyle (1788-1824)

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This is of course when the tale goes fully Goth - they live in a Gothic manor, Rochester is very Byronic and there's even a lunatic in the attic - Rochester's wife, Bertha.
Soon, Maddy and Olly are meeting for chastely unrequited face time, in which he proves his teenage Byronic mettle by offering such cheap poetic insights as, "The whole point of waves is to suck your feet from under you so that you drown faster."
The Byronic Hero and the Rhetoric of Masculinity in the 19th Century British Novel
Barker's life story reads almost like a Byronic tragedy--despite his phenomenal success as a rock star, his marriage (chronicled for an MTV reality show) fractured, and drug addiction gradually devoured him.
One of the most interesting imitators in America was James Gates Percival, who, in his attempt to be Byronic, combined poetry with celibacy, geology, chemistry, etymology (he spent four years correcting the proofs of Webster's Dictionary), and misanthropy.
Their signature is an arch persona that is not only hyper-masculine but also ultra-bourgeois, a sort of twisted Byronic hero, which Seidel has constructed (or has become) over the years in order, ironically, to epater-le-bourgeois.
himyoungself Byronic, sardonic, satiric, imperial, no
Talking about Cumberbatch's sex appeal as Sherlock, Gatiss believes that it may have something to do with "the combination of the Byronic looks that Benedict has -- and the coat!
There's much psychological depth to Adams's story which is rare in most novels, moving neatly beyond surface experiences to analyze engrained habits, belief systems, and how they permeate both personal and political worlds: "Adams was never the self-confident rebel, the Byronic hero, he projected.
Characters and identities are the focus of the third section, which opens with Ananya Mukherjea's take on the paranormal, yet Byronic, men of the show.
Moving through Franklin's work, the opening chapter, "Aristocratic Romanticism: Women Travellers, Byron, and the Gendering of Italy," brings things Byronic into dialogue with four female Romantic writers: Madame de Stael, Mary Wollstonecraft, Lady Morgan, and Anna Jameson.
BYRONIC MAN: Moore opens the scoring BRAD ALL OVER: Crewe's Brad Inman made it 2-0 to the visitors
But the Byronic locks and youthful angst are long gone - and it turns out Liverpool played a major role in Rob Newman's reincar nation.
The jaded posturing of the Byronic hero that so shocked Regency England hardly seems to constitute an act of transgression in the way Les Chants de Maldoror does, even today.
What emerges is a picture of Warne as a sort of Byronic anti- hero; the flawed genius who somehow managed to leave all his cares and concerns outside the The latest biography of Shane Warne delves deep into his on- field achievements and off- field controversies By Gideon Haigh; Penguin India, ` 499 ON WARNE By Shreyas Sharma practise his art on fields across the world.