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English romantic poet notorious for his rebellious and unconventional lifestyle (1788-1824)

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It was in 1807, at the age of nineteen, that Lord Byron published his Hours of Idleness, with a rather pompous preface.
Then after a sneer at Scott for making money by his poems, Byron concludes with this passage:--
But it was not until Byron published his first long poem, called Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, that he became famous.
Then in thought Byron goes over all that took place that fateful day.
For two years Byron was as popular as man might be.
So in anger and disgust, Byron left the country where he found no sympathy.
It was to a great extent a misspent life, and yet, while Byron wasted himself in unworthy ways, he wrote constantly and rapidly, pouring out volumes of poetry at a speed equaled only by Scott.
When Byron left England he fled from the contempt of his fellows.
And this struggle woke all that was generous in the heart of Byron, the worn man of the world.
Exelon Generation operators removed Byron Station Unit 2 from service early this morning, kicking off the station's fall refueling and maintenance outage.
UPMARKET burger joint Byron Burger has closed its Metrocentre branch, less than 18 months after opening.
SUSAN Sirrell told the Sunday Mercury that Byron was approached about the job by a friend, and that he worked alongside the colleague who was paid the cash.
Byron Crisp, from Quinton, is set to be flown to the Caribbean country today, a country he says he has not visited for 24 years.
The demonstration, organised by Fight Racism - Fight Imperialism North East, will see protesters stand outside the Grey Street Byron branch, close to Grey's Monument, between noon and 3pm tomorrow.
She first saw Lord Byron, suddenly famous as the 24-year-old author of the long poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, at a party given by her cousins William and Caroline Lamb.