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a rule adopted by an organization in order to regulate its own affairs and the behavior of its members

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This follows the recent announcement of similar byelaws on the River Wye and is aimed at allowing more migratory fish to survive and spawn upstream to produce more juvenile fish to boost the population in these rivers, where the salmon and sea trout fishing has been improving over recent years and EA Wales has invested in building fish passes and removing barriers so that fish can move upriver for spawning.
The new rules allow anglers to continue with their sport whilst safeguarding the fish stocks and anyone contravening the byelaws could face prosecution and a substantial fine.
The byelaws require the mandatory release of all salmon and sea trout caught by anglers on both rivers.
Smokers who light up in a North shopping centre face a fine of up to pounds 500 if plans for a new byelaw are passed by councillors today.
The Local Government Byelaws (Wales) Bill seeks to simplify the procedures for the making and enforcement of local government by-laws.