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a rule adopted by an organization in order to regulate its own affairs and the behavior of its members

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These bye-law amendments were made in connection with the company's listing on Nasdaq on 10 September 2013.
TOUGH new bye-laws to ban anti-social behaviour at local reservoirs are on the cards.
But the council has a bye-law prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in public - that should now be extended to cover glue sniffing.
He called for smooth implementation and cooperation between the bye-law implementers and the industry, noting that at times, some officers acted out of anger hence the conflicts.
The draft bye-law is very badly thought out and creates its own health and safety risk.
It was stated in the article that a bye-law to set this anomaly straight would cost pounds 50k to implement.
Metro staff issued fines to 35 people for bye-law offences.
FURY has erupted on the Tay after the council refused to grant a bye-law to restrict commercial rafting.
However, under a BOA bye-law athletes who have served doping suspensions are automatically barred from competing in the Olympics.
Fourth, we would vigorously defend any legal challenge to the anti-doping bye-law.
They want the council to pass a bye-law to ban firms based in Coventry from using cabs and drivers licensed by other councils, which they say have lower standards than Coventry.
Protest organiser Nick Fieldhouse said: ``We skied the full length of Lake Windermere, maintaining a respectable 30 to 36mph, and broke the bye-law right under the very noses of those that brought it in.
In 2016, the council implemented the bye-law regulations of impounding stray livestock in the village following an intensive consultation through kgotla meetings.
For a bye-law to be legally binding the authority must inform the public allowing them to make representations, they must consult with the Garda Commissioner and there must be public consultation.
This is the first time that Council has co-opted anyone to serve on Council since the bye-law amendments came into force in 2009,""this is great news for Uganda and Africa in general.