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a rule adopted by an organization in order to regulate its own affairs and the behavior of its members

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Speaking in an interview, GCC public relations officer, Ms Segametsi Kebonang said the old bye-law only charged P6 for a dog license across the board, while the new bye-law had different charges for different types of dogs.
He highlighted the crisis at a Joint Police Committee meeting in recent days and said bye-laws are needed urgently before a "serious fatality occurs".
These bye-law amendments were made in connection with the company's listing on Nasdaq on 10 September 2013.
TOUGH new bye-laws to ban anti-social behaviour at local reservoirs are on the cards.
Again, under the Bye-Law to Rule 61, there are strict controls on any form of publicity or propaganda--commercial or otherwise--that may appear on athletes or other participants, their clothing or equipment during the Games.
"But the council has a bye-law prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in public - that should now be extended to cover glue sniffing."
He further noted that their efforts to seek help from bye-law officers had also not borne fruits as the officers seemed to come as per their schedule, not according to reports.
It was stated in the article that a bye-law to set this anomaly straight would cost pounds 50k to implement.
Metro staff issued fines to 35 people for bye-law offences.
FURY has erupted on the Tay after the council refused to grant a bye-law to restrict commercial rafting.
However, under a BOA bye-law athletes who have served doping suspensions are automatically barred from competing in the Olympics.
Fourth, we would vigorously defend any legal challenge to the anti-doping bye-law."
They want the council to pass a bye-law to ban firms based in Coventry from using cabs and drivers licensed by other councils, which they say have lower standards than Coventry.
Protest organiser Nick Fieldhouse said: ``We skied the full length of Lake Windermere, maintaining a respectable 30 to 36mph, and broke the bye-law right under the very noses of those that brought it in.''