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an ancient Mediterranean seaport that was a thriving city state in Phoenicia during the second millennium BC

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The Phoenician vase on display dates from the Phoenician period and was found in Byblos, Lebanon. Although its beginnings are lost in time, modern scholars believe the site goes back at least 7,000 years.
Education professionals from 12 countries attended a seminar in Byblos, Lebanon in November 2009 to address the issue from perspectives of case studies, attempts to reduce conflict through educational engineering, success stories, insights of comparative empirical research and aggregate data analysis, and what case studies can teach.
Byblos, Lebanon's third-biggest bank in terms of assets, said that the figures were indicative of solid balance sheet growth and sustained stability.
Edde Sands, a leading hotel and wellness resort in Byblos, Lebanon, has launched a new lounge on the rooftop of eL'Hotel and framed by floor-to-ceiling windows.
EddE[umlaut] Sands Hotel and Wellness Resort has greatly contributed to Byblos, Lebanon, becoming a major tourist destination ranking among the most renowned attractions of the Eastern Mediterranean.
It offers graduate and undergraduate degrees of study in five academic schools housed on two campuses in Beirut and Byblos, Lebanon.
A sexy Diamony creation turned heads at a beach party in Edde Sands resort in Byblos, Lebanon. Meanwhile, an Iranian model showed the country's traditional and Islamic clothes during the Women From My Homeland international fashion festival in Tehran.