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a rule adopted by an organization in order to regulate its own affairs and the behavior of its members

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This is a contravention of the municipal by-laws as the farm is primarily for agricultural purposes and therefore, not a residential area, Williams said.
The board has amended the by-laws to require a majority voting standard in the election of directors.
I thought that we had specialist personnel policing such areas, and where possible confiscating items of alcohol from individuals in breach of such by-laws imposed by our council.
It was pertinent to mention that Islamabad High Court during a proceeding had also passed the directions to CDA authorities to take immediate action against the violators of CDA building by-laws in sector E-11.
A barrel was thrown through the window and 'We won't pay to play' was written on the wall, which was direct reference to the busking by-laws, by-laws I had been supporting but didn't support on the night because they didn't include an outright ban on amplification.
The amendments to the Corporation's by-laws include (i) adding advance notice provisions with respect to the nomination of directors for election to the Board, (ii) increasing the quorum for shareholder meetings from 5% to 33%; and (iii) providing that the chairman of a meeting does not have casting vote in the event of an equality of votes.
The sum will be paid by the body that obtains the right to quarry each year and will be determined in the by-laws on the basis of the area of the mine or quarry, said Youssef.
A spokesman for the city district government said on Tuesday that initially 42 commercial areas had been selected for checking by-laws.
The by-laws organize work of all the studios of radio and television operating in the Kingdom and are created for the purpose of production, transmission or linkage in favor of specific channels or for rental to others.
We have sat with parliament's public utilities and environment affairs committee and reached an understanding that by-laws have to be put on hold until amendments to Municipal Law 2001 are complete and then approved by MPs and the Shura Council," he told the GDN.
NEW by-laws are being enforced at local popular beauty spot.
The Attorney General has appealed to the Supreme Court to decide whether parts of The Local Government By-laws Bill, which was awaiting Royal Assent to become law, are within the Assembly's powers.
GAP was summoned to judicial proceeding on 17 November 2011, at which preliminary orders were issued that included the prohibition of the shareholders meeting; prohibition of the removal of members of the board of directors and the audit committee; and that GAP's by-laws be respected.
Summary: The Lebanese Forces resumed Friday discussions over the party's new by-laws after two days of deliberations last week saw the approval of 64 of 330 articles.
The summons is because Grupo Mexico and Infraestructura y Transportes de Mexico claim that some of GAP's Corporate By-Laws are void.