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a power saw that has a steel disk with cutting teeth on the periphery

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Uplift is winning in the south, and the glacial buzzsaw is winning in the north,' said one of the study's authors, Peter Reiners.
A lender has taken a buzzsaw to a now closed Bradley County lumber mill in an attempt to collect $2.
Renamed Buzzsaw Blade, he ran sixth of eight in the 2003 New Zealand Derby, and has sired a few litters.
Bjoresson's expose INTO THE BUZZSAW revealed efforts to quash the public's right to know the truth; her FEET TO THE FIRE here provides conversations with top journalists and news executives about the media companies, the Bush administration, war coverage and more.
The former are a fizzing ball of snotty punk fury, mixing buzzsaw riffs with the genre-hopping abandon that characterised the Beastie Boys' finest work, while the latter take the baggy sounds of Madchester as a template, packing plenty of swagger and passion.
In 2002 broadcast reporter Kristina Borjesson included Akre's self-serving account of the WTVT battle in her compilation Into the Buzzsaw, a collection of essays by journalists claiming they'd been screwed by Big Media.
has announced that its Autodesk Buzzsaw collaborative project management solution played an integral role in the first major construction package that was issued on the Freedom Tower project.
Editor Borjesson, an investigative reporter who has worked for CBS and CNN, is also the author of Into the Buzzsaw.
Autodesk has announced the availability of the latest version of its Autodesk Buzzsaw collaborative project management solution.
There seems little danger of that in human buzzsaw Oliveira - ironically exactly 10 years older than Hatton, as they both share the same October birthday.
Amid flying kicks, buzzsaw guitars and neon signs, they belted out hits such as Main Offender and Hate To Say I Told You So.
Four decades ago he had played mentor to a freshman buzzsaw named Pete Carroll at Redwood H.
Wyndham decided to begin using the Buzzsaw service in 2000.
One of Poindexter's most dangerous ideas, the futures market in terrorism, was almost at the point of being launched when it ran into a congressional buzzsaw.