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Synonyms for buzzer

a push button at an outer door that gives a ringing or buzzing signal when pushed

a signaling device that makes a buzzing sound

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Charlie Currie used shipmens buzzers to get 10 fish and Steve Prince on his two outings managed seven and nine fish on his usual combination of buzzers and diawl bachs.
Elliott Osman's nine rainbows came to nymphs and black buzzers and it was also buzzers for Mark Webb and Steven Beunbage with seven and Nicolas Moham, John Moses, Bill Radburn and Nick Norman who all returned six fish.
Black and Olive Buzzers, Hawthorn Fly and Dawson's Olive were top flies.
Witton Castle: Black Diawl Bach, Black Buzzers, Damsels.
Jade Butler, 22, who is due to give birth to her second child, said she heard a buzzer being rung in the early hours of Wednesday, October 29, when Jocelyn Bennett fell ill.
Students had to raise their hands when they had the answer, and when the team leader observed that at least three teammates' hands were raised, she or he would activate the buzzer. The first team with the correct answer on three screens and verified by a judge won a point.
There are dozens of buzzer patterns, but the ones I have always had a soft spot for are the Shipman's buzzers in green, orange and burgundy.
He crossed the road and found the appropriate buzzer to ring.
LOCHTER: There were plenty of double figure returns over 20 with R Farrell using white buzzers to gain his success.
Hughie Wilson reached the 10 fish catch and release limit using buzzers and was half way to a second one later in the week before he slipped and fell into the pool and had to stop fishing.
Top flies were: Buzzers, Hawthorn Fly and Dawson's Olive.
In this week's testing conditions anglers have needed a variety of flies to match the weather's extremes, from PTNs to Blobs, Daddies to Bloodworms, Cats' Whiskers to Buzzers and even a Mayfly.
Fish are falling to lures, especially Dawson's Olive, Nomad and Black Fritz, and Buzzers.