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Synonyms for buzzer

a push button at an outer door that gives a ringing or buzzing signal when pushed

a signaling device that makes a buzzing sound

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HIGHAM LAKES 01661 860032 / NE20 0DH Daddies and Buzzers have accounted for most fish this week.
Jade Butler, 22, who is due to give birth to her second child, said she heard a buzzer being rung in the early hours of Wednesday, October 29, when Jocelyn Bennett fell ill.
South Linden: Various dry flies, Cat's Whisker, Yellow Dancer, Buzzers, Diawl Bach, Hare's Ear Sedge Fly, Bloodworm.
Cat's whiskers and white lures brought Sally-Ann Iles and Jo Lloyd limit catches; junior angler Jacob Mills caught his five fish on black and green buzzers while Dave Marshall's seven succumbed to a tadpole pattern fly.
William Johnson of Darlington caught 12 trout including a 4lb brown, with most of his fish taking Black Buzzers.
The classroom was equipped with an electronic buzzer system, similar to that used in academic bowl competitions.
There are dozens of buzzer patterns, but the ones I have always had a soft spot for are the Shipman's buzzers in green, orange and burgundy.
0mm) lead-free buzzer enhances the company's extensive automotive product line.
KNITSLEY MILL 079607747417/Sat Nav DH89EL LANGLEY DAM Anglers have had fine sport to Emergers, Buzzers and Dries this week.
Long Crag: Small Damsels, Hare's Ears, Daddies, Diawl Bach, various buzzers.
Luke Jones hooked six fish on an egg fly; Jim Tucker, Dean Daniels and Ray Davies all took three-fish 8lb bags on buzzers and brothers Mike and Dave Wall caught six rainbows and a total weight of 13lb.
However anglers fishing Buzzers have discovered that sometimes fish will take Black and sometimes Olive, so the advice is to switch colour if you are not catching.
Members of the California Rangers, a nonprofit youth equestrian organization, filled a room at the Santa Clarita Activity Center as, electronic buzzers in hand, they competed to answer questions such as: What's the difference between essential and nonessential amino acids?
Rugby's Rob Appleton of Rugby went all the way with rainbows, landing the day's best limit for 20lb 2oz, all taken on floating line and black epoxy buzzers from the south end of the dam.
That includes the first major hatches of chironomids, more commonly known as midges, or buzzers.