Buzzards Bay

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an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in southeastern Massachusetts

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We sampled channeled whelk in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, and expected that they would be protandrous hermaphrodites as reported for laboratory-reared knobbed whelk by Castagna and Kraeuter (1994).
mercenaria were hand collected by scuba divers at a water depth of 15 m July 2010 from Buzzards Bay, Woods Hole, Cape Cod, MA (41.520[degrees] N, 70.728[degrees] W).
We stopped by the Westport Winery and Buzzards Bay Brewery for a well-earned tasting session.
I'm glad it doesn't commit totally to the fabular or mythical, though--it keeps leaning back toward various alleyways near my house, a Methodist church on the next block, my grandfather's breakfast whiskey, an old mill building burning on the Housatonic, a row boat on Buzzards Bay, and a slice of cantaloupe (now being transshipped from Guatemala).
Buzzards Bay (the Bay), the driving force behind MOSPA, lies off the coast of Massachusetts near Cape Cod and is one of five Estuaries of National Significance.
And, in 2003, a tanker spilled 100,000 gallons of that oil into Buzzards Bay.
The first 21,000-square-foot unit sold in March to Rod Tirell of Buzzards Bay, Mass., for $567,000.
The marina is located along a tidal inlet approximately 800 m (1/2 mile) from the open ocean shore of Buzzards Bay. Extensive marine life flora and fauna are present in this area with seaweed (algae) growing from the sandy bottom in places, and shellfish including mussels, quahogs, clams, barnacles and limpets present along the shore in the sand or attached to docks and pilings.
Coral: 5-4 Bernardini, 5 Invasor, 7 Lava Man, 12 Discreet Cat, 14 David Junior, Suave, Electrocutionist, 20 Sun King, Flower Alley, Jazil, 33 Bandini, Buzzards Bay, Comentator, Giacom.
The river is a tidal body which discharges into Buzzards Bay of this Cape Cod seaside community.
Returning to Massachusetts, she began working for the Coalition for Buzzards Bay a community-based conservation and education organization.
He liked Hamilton's uphill finish and also that season at the Lanarkshire track ran third behind subsequent Cambridgeshire winner Buzzards Bay; second to Mark Prescott's His Master's Voice in the Cameronians Handicap; second to Longlands Lady (L Charnock, J Berry) in the Strathgaven Handicap; and second to Eaglesfield (T Rogers, C Nelson) in the Busby Handicap.
The sites sampled were the inshore waters of eastern Long Island Sound (n = 4), Rhode Island (n = 13), Buzzards Bay (n = 7), Cape Cod Bay (n = 3), and Maine (n = 4), and the offshore waters of New Hampshire (n = 5).
has announced it received top honor (gold winner) in the 2003 Summit Creative Awards[R] competition for its outstanding creative work for the Buzzards Bay Brewing Wireless Fishing Game (
of her house overlooking Buzzards Bay: day after day: