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Synonyms for buzzard

a New World vulture that is common in South America and Central America and the southern United States

the common European short-winged hawk


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Alice leaves 2 daughters, Eugenia Christy of Worcester and Stacey Christy-Terrio wife of Victor Terrio of Buzzards Bay; a sister, Effie Zisson of Centerville; and her beloved granddaughter, Helena Terrio, of Onset.
NEWCOMERS: (top to bottom) Buzzard, Emperor dragonfly, Bee Orchid flower, Australian swamp stonecrop, Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed
In the last 25 years, buzzards, previously absent from the region, have gradually re-colonised the North East.
A senior investigator found the decomposed bodies of four buzzards, a sparrowhawk, a tawny owl and a stoat just yards from pheasant feeding bins.
The adult female buzzard was discovered by a member of the public in the Blanchland area near Hexham, Northumberland, on Saturday.
It comes a year after the Environment Department (Defra) was forced to abandon plans for a trial allowing buzzards to be taken into captivity and their nests destroyed to protect pheasant shoots, following a furious reaction from wildlife lovers.
RSPB Scotland said 20 birds - including a golden eagle, four red kites and seven buzzards - were deliberately poisoned in 17 separate incidents last year.
The Environment Department (Defra) is to spend nearly pounds 400,000 researching ways to stop buzzards targeting captive-reared pheasants, proposing that nests could be destroyed to stop the birds breeding.
We are amazed and shocked by this proposal to destroy nests and take buzzards into captivity simply to protect game birds that are artificially released in their millions to be shot for recreation."
"We hope the project will continue in future years and, in time, we will get a much better grasp of this elusive bird's ecology and behaviour." Honey buzzards build their nests on branches of large trees and are usually found in areas where there are big mature forests, such as those in South Wales.
A teenage gamekeeper who killed buzzards and badgers to protect his pheasants ahead of the shooting season was warned yesterday he may be jailed.
Locals fear yobs in the area may have been trying to take the young buzzards for illegal hunting.
A barred warbler further down the coast was typically retiring, skulking in an elderberry bush at Sprun for 45 minutes before emerging in unseasonally hot sun to scoff the fruits like there was no tomorrowp DEREK WILLIAMS'S patch on Downholland Moss continues to repay his efforts - recent records include 10 buzzards (September 11), 32 moorhen, 2 raven, peregrine, 4 marsh harrier and 175 pink footed geese on September 10p JUDI HALl e-mailed about buzzards not too far from her Wirral home.