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an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in southeastern Massachusetts

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Treatment with 16 kg/[m.sup.3] (1 pcf) or greater of either CCA or ACZA provided adequate protection of the panels over the 7-year exposure period in the Buzzard's Bay marine environment.
Predominately occurring in areas from Buzzard's Bay (Massachusetts) to eastern Long Island Sound (New York), it has been termed epizootic lobster shell disease (ELSD).
An April oil spill in Buzzard's Bay off Massachusetts that fouled beaches and sea life in the area was originally reported by the barge's owner to be a mere 14,700 gallons.
20 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK BOOKMAKERS strip the flesh from punters in the QEII at Ascot when Walter Swinburn swoops on Hugh Collingridge's 50 to 1 shot Buzzard's Bay.
Today, only two populations occur naturally in New England, both in Massachusetts -- one at a site on Buzzard's Bay on the southeastern mainland, and the other on Martha's Vineyard, an island off the coast of Cape Cod.