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a power saw that has a steel disk with cutting teeth on the periphery

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Retired oars and buzz-saw blades make the medium the message.
Roger Moore breaks free using a Rolex buzz-saw in 1973's Live And Let Die
Dirty Injection does what it says, taking the calm of the album's opener and adding buzz-saw guitars and distant vocals that make you itch for peace.
Still, that's what happens when you inhabit a world dominated by melodic buzz-saw guitars that more than nod towards summer of love pop.
While the gloriously sung, hook-laden chorus ranks with the Foo Fighters' best, the song's best moment comes in the form of a cathartic burst of buzz-saw guitars, locomotive bass lines and volcanic drumming that expresses anxiety better than mere words.
After seeing the buzz-saw effect of the Xpert matched to my choke tube system, he switched to a tight full choke and No.
He had eight birdies and Ulsterman McDowell commented: "The last two years I've run into a buzz-saw.
whose fine print said that if I ever lost my arm in a buzz-saw
Maybe then Massacre would boast more gems like "Tricked Out," an instrumental bristling with buzz-saw guitars, single-line keyboard riffs, and robotic handclaps, and the sole cut that comes closes to recapturing the band's original Sex Pistols--meets--Chic aesthetic.
Support came from the London-based Johnny Boy, who drenched the crowd in a wave of buzz-saw guitars and incandescent vocals.
Their slashing riffs, buzz-saw guitars and rousing choruses - resonant of the spiky pop songs of the Buzzcocks or the Jam - seem to fit the bill.
Writing in 2002 for a book called Into the Buzz-saw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press, Gary said: "When the CIA and Justice Department finished their internal investigations two years later, the classified documents that were released showed ...
Final round of fights with the Panther Gang are pretty zippy, too, most backed by buzz-saw rock guitars--although the soundtrack sometimes unexpectedly dips into Mozart or brassy '60s jazz.
Ynys Mon's R-Bennig was the most prolific purveyor of vinyl, releasing 7" after multi-coloured 7" of music by unknown artists in all sorts of styles, from sinister sound collage to sludgy buzz-saw rock.
From the smooth lyrics and refined rhythms of the crooners and the Big Bands, we've moved to the shouted obscenities and buzz-saw instrumentals of modern rap and heavy metal.