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a power saw that has a steel disk with cutting teeth on the periphery

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While the gloriously sung, hook-laden chorus ranks with the Foo Fighters' best, the song's best moment comes in the form of a cathartic burst of buzz-saw guitars, locomotive bass lines and volcanic drumming that expresses anxiety better than mere words.
After seeing the buzz-saw effect of the Xpert matched to my choke tube system, he switched to a tight full choke and No.
He had eight birdies and Ulsterman McDowell commented: "The last two years I've run into a buzz-saw.
The Dodgers are a buzz-saw when it comes to one-run games, in which they are 14-5 overall and 10-1 at Dodger Stadium.
Maybe then Massacre would boast more gems like "Tricked Out," an instrumental bristling with buzz-saw guitars, single-line keyboard riffs, and robotic handclaps, and the sole cut that comes closes to recapturing the band's original Sex Pistols--meets--Chic aesthetic.
Support came from the London-based Johnny Boy, who drenched the crowd in a wave of buzz-saw guitars and incandescent vocals.
Their slashing riffs, buzz-saw guitars and rousing choruses - resonant of the spiky pop songs of the Buzzcocks or the Jam - seem to fit the bill.
Final round of fights with the Panther Gang are pretty zippy, too, most backed by buzz-saw rock guitars--although the soundtrack sometimes unexpectedly dips into Mozart or brassy '60s jazz.
Ynys Mon's R-Bennig was the most prolific purveyor of vinyl, releasing 7" after multi-coloured 7" of music by unknown artists in all sorts of styles, from sinister sound collage to sludgy buzz-saw rock.
From the smooth lyrics and refined rhythms of the crooners and the Big Bands, we've moved to the shouted obscenities and buzz-saw instrumentals of modern rap and heavy metal.
or is the behavior already there and sometimes African Americans get run into this cultural buzz-saw, in much the same way that they can run into racist whites here who have a pre-existing sense of how they must be?
Jeremy Hutchinson, R-Little Rock, ran into a buzz-saw from those special-interest groups when he introduced a bill merely requiring the state Education Department to study the cost savings that could be achieved through administrative consolidation.
This diminutive Brooklyn-born grandma with the buzz-saw bark and withering glare is the Jesse Ventura of court TV.
Mum-of-two Patricia Wylie said she was shocked when the RUC cut the front door in half with a buzz-saw and removed a kitchen window.
Imagine classically trained operatic vocals, serene keyboards with juxtaposed buzz-saw guitars fronted by wide-eyed nordic attitude.