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gossip spread by spoken communication

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Millennials consume luxury goods at the same rate as the rest of the population, according to Buzz Marketing Group, which adds that 24 percent of those surveyed buy luxury items they can't afford.
Tina Wells of the youth marketing agency Buzz Marketing Group, said Apple had done a great job of embracing Gen X and older [Millennials], but she didn't think that they are connecting with Millennial kids.
Buzz marketing we can define or describe like Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM), Buzz marketing is type advertising spreading via verbal communication among people.
The mobile consumer is described in terms of preferences, expectations, and behaviors in a mobile culture that includes mobile entertainment and multimedia services, payment systems, social networks, mobile dating, and buzz marketing. Some problems discussed are mobile gambling and mobile addiction, fraud, spamming and junk messages, and malware.
So the report calls for a ban on all advertising in public spaces, a limit to be placed on shop-front marketing, a ban on buzz marketing (public viral marketing techniques that are contrived to look authentic) and continuing restrictions on product placement on television.
I have just laid out, in a nutshell, why buzz marketing works.
Wells is the chief executive of Buzz Marketing Group, a firm that specializes in marketing to adolescents and whose clients include American Eagle, Steve Madden, Nike, Aveda and Columbia Records.
Learn how to create and launch marketing campaigns, generate brand awareness and implement buzz marketing. Free.
has reached an agreement with Cerritos, Calif.-based retail marketing provider Mass Connections, whereby Mass Connections will promote products for the retailer via in-store events, incorporating point-of-sale (POS) materials and buzz marketing.
Social networks are an excellent example of buzz marketing. But what happens when the overall experience delivered by the institution to the student, parent, or donor is not buzzworthy?
Buzz Marketing Group/Blue Fusion, Tina Wells, CEO/Owner, 856-346-3456, tina@buzzmg.com, P.
In case you're wondering, and before you write off blogs as dead in the water, there is such a thing as a code of ethics in this mercurial space we loosely refer to as buzz marketing. The lines separating church and state, as it were, have always been blurred, even in the pre-blog days, but the Internet has accelerated the pace.
Strictly speaking, buzz marketing is the practice of producing positive opinion about a product or service (creating a buzz).