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Synonyms for conveyancing

act of transferring property title from one person to another

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No other foreign company has so far took interest in buying land and therefore the Government decided to reinstate the former law," Neziri said.
Mr Penn continued: "Let's be clear, this is not a widespread issue in Coventry and Warwickshire but it does go on and investors - especially those who are new to buying land and property - should certainly be aware of it.
Syria, Morocco among Arab Countries Buying Land in Jerusalem
Analysts say that foreign investment funds do not consider buying land in small plot sizes to be profitable.
To avoid being a victim you can download a guide to buying land at www.
FirstFarms has also started buying land in a new area of Romania, near the town of Alexandria, where it has entered into an agreement to acquire 137 hectares.
One nuclear industry insider, who did not wish to be named, said if EDF is buying land near Wylfa this is a clear signal the plant is among the most likely locations for a new station.
in political science with graduate work in Environmental Systems, looks at the issue of biodiversity protection from a transnational perspective and determines that NGOs have an important role to play through mainstream strategies such as buying land, funding research, encouraging grassroots activities, and linking national groups for international efforts.
They can query individuals to see which operators are buying land, selling land or operating more or less land.
But a developer is buying land next door and says I owe him a metre as the fence is in the wrong place.
She was joined by other members of the Lancaster Woman's Club, which led to the creation of a committee that raised money toward buying land for the poppy reserve.
Reading his gloom and doom chapter, one wonders why Ted Turner, Charles Schwab, and friends are buying land in Montana.
Rockrose started buying land in Long Island City in the 1980's after Citigroup moved its offices to the area.
Buying land to protect it or its contents is nothing new; in the United States, the concept really took off in the 1980s.
At the same time the proportion of farmers buying land fell from 43pc of purchases to 41pc.