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Synonyms for buyback

the act of purchasing back something previously sold

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The main benefits from buying back stock are raising the earnings per share on remaining shares outstanding and eliminating the dividend burden on the shares repurchased.
Beyond people buying back the iPad to get an iPad 2, Gazelle says the entire recommerce industry could see a boost.
The company is reportedly buying back the bonds ahead of its acquisition by PT Recapital Advisors.
Drake began buying back its own shares on May 31 as part of a plan to repurchase 10 per cent of its own shares, according to a report in our sister newspaper Gulf Daily News.
The biggest Japanese automaker began buying back its own shares in 1996 and has since carried out 10 such repurchases.
Japan restricts corporations from buying back their own shares, except in certain circumstances, to avoid stock price manipulation.
Recently the company has spent more than pounds 32 million on buying back a fifth of its shares, which have been trading at well below their net asset value, in an attempt to restore shareholder value.
There are several reasons why companies have been buying back their stock at record rates.