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the act of purchasing back something previously sold

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The main benefits from buying back stock are raising the earnings per share on remaining shares outstanding and eliminating the dividend burden on the shares repurchased.
Beyond people buying back the iPad to get an iPad 2, Gazelle says the entire recommerce industry could see a boost.
Under the system, when companies find themselves in a situation where their large shareholders plan to sell off their shares on the market, they can announce their intention of buying back those shares a day before the planned sale.
Mr Mucklow said buying back a further 15 per cent of the shares would add another 17p to the NAV of those still in circulation.
There are several reasons why companies have been buying back their stock at record rates.
Many investors think they can make profits on issues where companies announce they are buying back a chunk of stock.
The corporation is buying back property in a bid to ease the increasing pressure on housing waiting lists which have grown as more people unable to buy their own homes seek affordable accommodation.
But we also want to have a stock that is priced competitively with other banking companies; to do that is to care about your shareholders by buying back stocks when you can.
As Williams came to control more of the daily activities of the company, he directed Pro Football to begin buying back public shares, using company money, for the sole purpose of increasing the board members' relative share.
The rationale is simple: Companies buying back their shares believe it's a good value and there's good news to come that will raise their stock prices.
Shares in Legal & General jumped 42p to 590p yesterday after the insurer confirmed that it is to return cash to investors by buying back up to pounds 220 million worth of maturing convertible bonds.
If the short sellers were suddenly pressured into buying back their bearish bets, it could fuel a significant rally in the shares.