buyer's market

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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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The largest share of respondents 43 percent believe the national housing market will become a buyers market in 2020.
It is very much still a buyers market according to Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics.
WALCOTT pounds 3.5M; CROUCH pounds 5M; JO pounds 4.5M; MALBRANQUE pounds 4.5M; WINDASS pounds 2.5M; DECO pounds 6M; BUYERS MARKET Chelsea new-boy Deco is a key player for Chelsea, but Theo Walcott, Peter Crouch, Jo, Steed Malbranque and Dean Ashton will all be a force when the Premier League season kicks off tomorrow
Finalists are invited to display their work in the NICHE Awards exhibit at the 2009 Buyers Market of American Craft, held in Philadelphia in February.
The caption states that "Metcom is prepared to do battle with standard lines carriers in this buyers market." Metcom does not compete with standard lines carriers using Surplus Lines markets, and no such statement was either made or implied by Mr.
Motor dealer Reg Vardy, based in Sunderland, has announced record results despite a fall in the car buyers market.
Mr Evans believes it's a buyers market, ``Slowing retail sales, manufacturer oversupply and ever improving competition in the marketplace is great news for people actually looking to buy at the moment.''