buyer's market

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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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The appearances by Shankman and Sedaris are among 15 special events and seminars planned for this winter's Buyers Market, the nation's premier wholesale-only tradeshow of U.
The access to an international buyers market that eBay offers has forced some old-school trinket traders to reinvent themselves.
The four-day Buyers Market of American Craft, the premier venue for craft artists to wholesale their work to retailers, opens February 15 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.
Carolina Buyers Market today launched its website (www.
There are good prices now, which may begin toume due to low interest rates and a buyers market.
BOSTON -- The spring real estate market in Massachusetts is expected to be robust as consumers gravitate to attractive 30-year fixed loans and take advantage of the best buyers market in more than a decade, according to Richard S.
This report analyses data from several different sources to build the first time buyers market in the context of the mortgage market in Australia
It is a buyers market right now for PEOs and by following strict acquisition protocols and very strict due diligence guidelines we are able to assemble a book of assets with a very limited amount of liability.
The latest forecasts from iSuppli Corporation's Market Intelligence Group identify major shifts in the manufacturing patterns of frequency control components which creates a buyers market with falling average selling prices (ASPs).
The reason for the Company's involvement in Mexico is this: Gold prices are at historic lows (adjusted for inflation) and there is a tremendous buyers market for gold properties worldwide.