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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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Want to Get a Jump in This Buyers Market, but Don't Know Where to Start -- ForeclosureOfTheDay.
This is the largest buyers market in years and ForeclosureOfTheday.
BALTIMORE -- The Rosen Group selected four new artists from the United States and Canada for the 2005 Merit Award winners in February for the 2005 Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft.
Carolina Buyers Market today launched its website (www.
BALTIMORE--The 2004 Merit Award Winners for the August Buyers Market of American Craft have been selected by The Rosen Group, producer of the event.
BOSTON -- The spring real estate market in Massachusetts is expected to be robust as consumers gravitate to attractive 30-year fixed loans and take advantage of the best buyers market in more than a decade, according to Richard S.
The Buyers Market of American Craft has reported that sales for exhibitors at its summer 2003 show were down 5.
This report analyses data from several different sources to build the first time buyers market in the context of the mortgage market in Australia
LOS ANGELES -- Tradeshow Week magazine has named the Buyers Market of American Craft one of the 50 fastest growing trade shows in America based on net square-footage growth from 2000 to 2002.
It is a buyers market right now for PEOs and by following strict acquisition protocols and very strict due diligence guidelines we are able to assemble a book of assets with a very limited amount of liability.
The latest forecasts from iSuppli Corporation's Market Intelligence Group identify major shifts in the manufacturing patterns of frequency control components which creates a buyers market with falling average selling prices (ASPs).
The reason for the Company's involvement in Mexico is this: Gold prices are at historic lows (adjusted for inflation) and there is a tremendous buyers market for gold properties worldwide.
The speed with which KWI was able to resell the assets to mostly Japanese individuals and small companies represents a strong Japanese buyers market and reflects a healthy profit margin for the company.