caveat emptor

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a commercial principle that without a warranty the buyer takes upon himself the risk of quality

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FORD has introduced a limited-edition version of itsC-Max family model -but it is a case of buyer beware.
Caveat emptor--Let the buyer beware. Real surfers (not riding motorized surfboards) and law enforcement officials will vigorously enforce all laws restricting the use of personal watercraft in and around the surf line.
In contrast to this position--which we might sum up as "Buyer beware, bonehead!"--Hilts makes the case that whether it seems like wise business practice of not, completely unregulated food and drug companies will tend, if history is any guide, to get away with any corner cutting and exaggeration they can and even the occasional negligent homicide.
surgeons say buyer beware when shopping for plastic surgery in Latin America, doctors such as Costa Rica's Da Cruz argues that spending more doesn't mean getting better attention.
However,it is a case of buyer beware. The car costs pounds 755 more than the basic Golf 1.4E model upon which it is based, but comes with extras that would cost pounds 1,625if bought individually.
Should something go wrong and an investor become disgruntled, an issuer can easily try to assert "buyer beware" knowledge on the part of sophisticated investors.
Let the buyer beware. The baby boomers of my generation were simply prescribed amphetamines for weight loss.
Newman of the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Md., "The bottom line remains caveat emptor," or let the buyer beware.
The old saying "buyer beware" could not be more wrong in the case of selling self-insured ERISA health plans.
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* Certification: There are two types of certified cars, so let the buyer beware. There are manufacturer certified cars that are backed by automakers such as Ford, BMW, and Toyota, and dealer certified cars, which are reconditioned and backed solely by the dealer.
Unless this is an exclusive sale and you can verify the list source and quality, permission-based status of contacts, and transferability of list owner rights, buyer beware.
The ever-widening world of e-learning is like any consumer area: "buyer beware." If you are an e-learning consumer or provider, there are things you need to know, be aware of, and avoid.
But buyer beware. Recently, the Bangladesh government drew up plans to develop "ecoparks" in the jungles where the Khasis and Garos tribes reside--without consulting them.
Buyer beware. That is the message Paul Marleau, chairman of the Greater Sudbury Utilities, told members of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce on March 6 during a chamber luncheon.