Buxus sempervirens

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large slow-growing evergreen shrub or small tree with multiple stems

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3: ramas de Juniperus communis, ramas de Rhamnus alpinus, ramas de Buxus sempervirens, ramas de pino (930038, 930043, 930046, 930047, 930049, 930052); --2: tronco de Salix caprea (30143).
In diffuse porous wood of Buxus sempervirens (fig 6), vessels are solitary and less distributed in radial clusters of 2-4 cells.
Columnar kinds of English boxwood like Buxus sempervirens 'Monrue' are good for tall hedges and topiaries.
The common name for Buxus sempervirens brings to mind a joke inspired by the "talking cars" of today.
The garden rooms were created by means of using clipped trees, hedges and shrubs such as Carpinus (hornbeam) and Buxus sempervirens (box), as well as physical walls.
The arrival of ornamental plants such as grasses, mass planting of lavender and Buxus sempervirens in a more contemporary way works very well, so keep it simple.
Before I knew it, it was open and I was working out the postage on a dozen Buxus sempervirens.
Expert tip: Good hedging plants are box or Buxus sempervirens as they respond well to clipping and shaping.
A better bet for formal hedging in coastal and milder climates is Escallonia macrantha; for a low hedge, the Buxus sempervirens is ideal.
The two main species of Box, Buxus microphylla, the small-leaved box, and Buxus sempervirens, the common box, have both provided us with a number of excellent forms over the years and it is worth searching out a good one before you start propagating.
Evergreen shrubs such as Buxus sempervirens (common box) clipped into topiary shapes are ideal as they provide shape and interest all year round, or ornamental grasses can soften the hard effect of stone.
For structural plants in larger rooftop spaces, try Carpinus betulus (hornbeam), used to great effect on the Great Ormond Street Hospital staff garden, while varieties of palms or Buxus sempervirens (common box) on smaller sites will create a striking architectural effect.
CREATE THE LOOK: The best plants to use are Buxus sempervirens, privet and yew, but the quickest way to make topiary is to cover a wire frame with a fast-growing climber such as a small-leaved ivy.